kjøp og salg av joller og utstyr

SELGES: Mackay 49er Hull 1777

Selger: Luis de Lucca

Telefon: +4792669946


Sted: Stavanger

Pris: 85 000 NOK

Dato: 2.3.2022


Unfortunately we have decided to stop sailing our 49er after a short, but very fun season.


The boat is extremely fun and quick, but demands training commitment that we can't fulfil at the moment due to personal reasons.


She is at Stavanger Seilforening and we have brought her from Tønsberg in 2020. We have started sailing the boat in July 2021, after some improvements made on the mast (kick, cunningham and outhaul) and modification of the foot straps.


Boat is completely functional and the only down point is the gennaker that is warnout at the area that goes in its bag first. This warnout is expected for used gennakers and, as we were learning, the gennaker has been little bit more in the water than expected. :)


If you are interested and want more information I am more than happy to reply it by email or telephone and you are welcome to see the boat at sølyst.



The boat is completed with hull and mast in very good condition. - Hull Mackay 1777 made in 2018 

- Carbon Mast from GBR team 

- 1 Main Sail in good condition 

- 1 Jib in good condition 

- 1 Gennaker in training condition 

- warn out areas reinforced with gennaker tape repair 

- Mast complete with new trapeze lines 

- 02 trapezes Zhik T3 

- Rudder in very good condition 

- Daggerboard in good condition (with some marks from the boots when sailors are standing on it to upright the boat) 

- Beach trolley 

- Hull Cover 

- Deck Cover 

- New Genaker bag 

- Hull without any damage or any previous repair 

- New foot straps 

- Spare Foot Straps 

- New kick and outhaul blocks and lines 

- Three Tiller extensions (2 in perfect condition + 1 damaged) 

- Boat breaker - Rigging tensioner.